Use Apple CarPlay to Integrate Your Smartphone into Your Next Vehicle

Integrating your smartphone into your vehicle in Lewisville, TX is easier with Apple CarPlay. More vehicles are including this technology. At Castle Hills Motors, we’ll show you what vehicles offer it and how it can be used for an enhanced driving experience.

When you’re driving, your attention should be on the road. All across the U.S., texting has been banned. With Apple CarPlay, you can still be connected. Hands-free possibilities are endless thanks to Siri. You can use your personal assistant to play music, show you directions, and make calls.

You can access the various apps from your iPhone. This allows you to get audiobooks, podcasts, music streaming apps, and more. When a text comes in, Siri can even read it through the speakers and let you respond to it without ever holding the phone in your hand. It takes convenience and technology to the next level.

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