What Is Front-Wheel Drive Vs. Rear-Wheel Drive?

One of the most important features in choosing a vehicle is the wheel drive. The two primary types of wheel drive are front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive, but there are more options, including all-wheel drive. Let's focus on the differences between the two primary types of wheel drive.

In vehicles that are front-wheel drive, the power is transferred from the engine to the front wheels. The design is much cheaper than other options, which means more savings for the consumer. Typically, they provide better gas mileage due to the weight being primarily due to less weight in the drive train than experienced with a rear-wheel-drive vehicle and traction is better as well.

Rear-wheel drive vehicles are more complicated to build. The power is transferred from the transmission, through the driveshaft, and into the rear wheels. These vehicles handle much better than front-wheel drive and they are better able to handle curves and navigate through difficult traffic conditions.

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