Chevrolet Malibu Performance Features

Midsize cars are designed to be so versatile yet often taken for granted because they are so common on the road today. Their unique designs are usually matched by an equally impressive performance package. That is why our team of experts at Castle Hills Motors want you to come see us in Lewisville, TX so we can tell you all about the Chevy Malibu!

Not only is this car powerful, but it is also highly fuel-efficient. The hybrid model of the Chevy Malibu gets up to 42 miles per gallon on the highway. This means longer trips using the same amount of gas which saves both time at the pump and money in your pocket.

Additionally, this car includes packages that offer up to 250 horsepower. This amount of power in the hood will quickly leave the competition in the dust. Chevy engineers have pulled out all the stops for this car.

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