Instructions to Debadge Your Car

There is no good shortcut to debadge your car. Working too quickly to scrape away any glue or logo will take off a layer of paint. Move slowly and methodically so that you do not damage your car.

It is easier to remove the logo if you use adhesive remover. This is a liquid solution that works to dissolve the glue, so you do not have to scrape as hard. If you start to struggle with removing the logo, you can add some heat with a blow dryer. Try to gently scrape as the heat is applied. Get rid of all residue of glue so that it does not damage the paint. Use a soft wash rag once the logo has been removed. You may need to wash the entire section of the car.

Ask us for more tips on how to debadge your vehicle here at Castle Hills Motors in Lewisville, TX.

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