Drive the Legendary American Ford F-150 Pickup Truck

The Ford F-150 has been a big-time champion in the light-duty segment of American pickup trucks. Even when facing foreign competition, this model still claims some major superlatives in important categories, such as towing, durability and capability. Castle Hills Motors in Lewisville, TX is excited to announce the six engine options that are available for this renowned model.

The gasoline engines in the Ford F-150 run on the Ti-VCT or EcoBoost technology. The diesel powertrain uses the latest concepts from the Power Stroke architecture. An automatic transmission system produces 10 optimal gear ratios for a wide range of tasks on the highway or off-road trails. For example, the EcoSelect optimizes fuel economy on a paved road. The Tow/Haul Mode tweaks a few mechanical parameters for pulling a trailer. This premium pickup truck also has a transfer case that responds promptly to towing and off-road demands. For instance, torque might be sent to the rear wheels when the bed is loaded to capacity.

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