How to Get Pet Hair Out of Even the Most Stubborn Places in Your New Car

While the all-cloth interior of that brand-new car looks great now, it might end up covered in pet fur in just a few days after it gets driven off the Castle Hills Motors lot. That's why you want to cover your seats with towels or blankets if at all possible. If you're already dealing with pet fur, then try working it out with a gentle brush. Creative motorists have tried using clean squeegees or even curlers to get stubborn fur out of their rides. A rubber glove or pumice stone works just as well.

Make sure to clean your car when it's dry out. When the rains come in Lewisville, TX, it can make things very humid. Wet pet fur is harder to get out of a car.

You may want to consider giving your pet a good brush down before you go out. As long as your furry friend doesn't mind it, this is a great way to prevent the problem from happening in the first place.

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