Do You Need a Blind-Spot Monitor?

Only you can determine whether you need a blind-spot monitor on your next vehicle, but we at Castle Hills Motors hope you will read this post before you decide. Blind-spot monitors can prevent accidents.

Originally a high-end option, the blind-spot monitor was introduced to the auto marketplace in 2005. Today, you can find this important safety technology on many models. It is available on vehicles we sell, and it works wonderfully. Lights on your side mirrors indicate when another vehicle is in your blind spot. If you begin merging into an occupied lane, a warning alarm sounds. These lights and alarms vary depending upon the auto brand.

If you are wondering whether a blind-spot monitor is a must-have feature for your next vehicle, ask your friends and coworkers. You will surely find someone with a story about their blind-spot monitor saving them from a high-speed accident. Think hard before passing over blind-spot monitors.



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