Why You Should Buy Your Teen a Compact Utility Vehicle

When it comes to choosing the right vehicle for their teens, parents have a lot to consider. Naturally, you’ll want your child’s first car to be as safe as possible, and price is also a big factor. Plus, you also want it to be cheap to run—a gas guzzler isn’t going to cut it for a driver with limited income.

It might seem impossible to find a car that encapsulates all your needs, but we’ve got the ideal solution up our sleeves: compact utility vehicles. These cars offer everything you could want in a car for your kid. They’re reliable, safe, and don’t cost as much as their SUV brethren. Read on to learn more about why they are the perfect pick, and definitely worth considering next time you head down to the car lot.


5 Cars for New Parents in Denton, TX

Having a baby undoubtedly changes your life. Many new parents find their current vehicle unsatisfactory, and want to upgrade to drive something bigger, safer, or more fuel efficient. If you’re new parents or have a little one on the way, consider these five options. 


The Best Cars for Denton, TX Teens

As a part of the Dallas-Fort Worth area, teen drivers in Denton, Texas, will have to face a lot of urban driving with highway ramps, tight corners, and narrow streets. However, Denton is also at the edge of the city metro, which means open and straight roads leading north and west. With that kind of mix, it’s important for Denton teens to start out with a car that’s reliable, affordable, safe, and easy to repair — but also agile and fun to drive on the highway (without being too fun). (more…)

4 Great Car Accessories for Denton Driving

If you have the car of your dreams, commuting to work or running errands in downtown Denton or along I-35 probably doesn’t seem like much of a chore — but what if you could improve your ride even more? By adding a few handy, useful, or awesome car accessories, you can inject a bit of excitement to your drive.

Wireless Phone Charger


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3 Cars That Are Better as Automatics

Manual transmissions once dominated American roadways and still account for a majority of vehicles abroad. However, less than 3 percent of new vehicles sold come with a stick, a testament to the benefits and convenience of automatic transmissions that Americans prefer. While driving purists may consider automatics sacrilege, few deny that some vehicles are just better with an automatic at the helm.


What If That Used Car Is a Lemon?

Like buying other second-hand goods, purchasing a used car has pros and cons. On one hand, cars depreciate quickly, so buying a preowned vehicle can result in substantial savings, compared to the price of a new car. On the other hand, a Denton used car purchase doesn’t come with the same assurances as driving a brand-new car off the lot.

In most cases, you are not protected if a used car proves defective. And since lemon laws only apply to new cars, you can’t legally claim design or manufacturing errors are to blame for used car defects.


The Five Best Sleeper Cars Out There

It doesn’t look fast, it doesn’t look bad, that’s what makes sleeper cars so much fun. A sleeper car is a car that has all the power of a sports car in a completely non-sports car package.  

The Ford Focus RS

A Ford Focus is known more as a car for your pizza delivery boy, not as a car that will throw you into the backseat when you step on the gas. The Ford Focus RS is much more than your average pizza delivery vehicle, though. With 350 horsepower and 350 pound-feet of torque, this little hatchback is going to get you your pizza in way less than 30 minutes. (more…)

Get Rid of Ants in Your Car

You’ve just discovered your car has an ant infestation. Moreover, you have a crazy ant infestation.  Crazy ants started invading the Dallas metropolitan area which includes Denton, Texas. Even though these ants do not have painful bite, they are painful to your wallet — they love your air conditioner and your wires. These ants make you miss fire ants — at least those respected your territory as long as you stayed off their mounds.

Congratulations, You Have Ants — A Bunch of Them

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Ants have been on Earth for a long time — the dinosaurs are gone but the ants are still here. They are highly organized, they’re strong, and they leave no job unfinished. (more…)

Can You Tune an Electric Car?

The answer is yes, you can. Here’s another question: Did you know that most hybrids and electric cars are detuned while at the factory? This is done to reel in the instant power that electricity puts out. It stops cars from having way too much speed or to control the delivery of the power, making the car easier to handle. An electric car with an explosion of power may not be for everyone, like the average driver. Some may ask, “Why would you want to tune your electric car?” That question and how it can be done are best answered by taking a look at motor sports. Read on to learn more about it.

Proven Performance Boost

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Car races like Formula 1, 24 Hours of Le Mans, and the Pikes (more…)

You’ll Love Fall in Lewisville

Autumn days are here again, and there is a cornucopia full of fun things to do in Lewisville, Texas. This fall, make a harvest of memories with family fun and friendly events. Whether you’re turning over a new leaf, or you just want to take in the cool, crisp days of fall, here are four happenings in Lewisville this coming autumn.

Rocktober: Halloween Night

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Image via Flickr by JoshuaMHoover

Frolic in the fall leaves and get your spook on at the free outdoor Rocktober concert on Halloween night, Oct. 31. Performing is an eight-piece band of 5,000-year-old mummies. (more…)